The vacation was kind of intense

When my wife and I decided to go on a nice trip to a tropical island, I didn’t know what I was getting myself into! I thought it was just going to be peaceful and relaxing, just resting on the beach enjoying a nice vacation.

But no, she wanted to do a lot of stuff that was a little intense for me. The first thing she wanted to do was to go parasailing. I have never done this before so I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. When they hooked me up to it though and we went on our way, I was practically screaming it was so intense for me! Just when I thought that was enough, then she wanted to go windsurfing. I figured this couldn’t be as bad, but it was pretty scary and I kept falling off my surfboard. After all this, I was thankful that we had a really great climate control system back at our hotel room. She wanted to relax on the beach after all that, but I just wanted to get back to our room, take an ice cold shower and enjoy the relaxing air conditioning. I really had enough for the one day. Well, the next day she wanted to go skydiving! I asked her if she was insane and she was reminding me that we only live once. Well, I want to live and not die early! While she really wanted me to go skydiving, I couldn’t do it. There was no way I was jumping out of a plane. All kinds of things could go wrong like the parachute not opening, and not to mention I was deathly afraid of heights. I decided to just let her go while I stayed back at the hotel room with the relaxing air conditioning.


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