The Whole House Air Purifier is the Answer I Have Prayed For

My nose is so sensitive that is just drives me crazy.

My mom was the same way.

She could smell cigar smoke on my dad before he even came in the house. That poor man could never get away with anything. I inherited that super human olfactory ability. However, I tend to be repulsed by it. I get just overwhelmed by bad odors. Even if others can barely even register a smell, I am just about gagging on it. This has been a real problem for me in our home. My husband, who is just lovely by the way, went all out in an effort to save on HVAC energy consumption. HVAC cooling just kills our budget for about 4 months of the year. So, he sealed our house so tight that none of the HVAC treated air leaks out. This resulted in a very significant amount of savings but, it had a downside as well. With the house so tight, cooking and pet odors just seemed to stay in the air forever. There is no opening a window for fresh air when it’s a hundred degrees outside. Those deodorizer gadgets didn’t work. They just laid a stinky perfume smell on my home. I was losing my mind over this so, I implored my husband to research a solution. Well, he didn’t have to do much more than call our HVAC company. They came out and installed a whole house air purifier. The thing goes right into our air handler and uses UV rays to kill all the filtered air as it goes into the system. My home now smells fantastic and my husbands allergies are much better.
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