The whole reason we went to the hotel was for the pool

When the house was being fumigated, my husband and I decided to take the kids to a hotel for a couple of days. We knew it would be more comfortable in the hotel than sleeping on the couch in a friend’s house during those 72 hours when the house was being cleaned for pests. My wife and I decided to choose a hotel that had a pool. We knew that would give the kids something to do when they got home from school and it was already starting to get warm outside. The first day that the kids came home from school, they immediately wanted to go to the pool. They enjoyed several hours of swimming before we went to grab some dinner. Kids were tired and ready for bed by the end of the day. The second day we were there, the pool was closed the whole day. When the kids came back from school, they wanted to jump in the pool. They had to settle for sitting in the room by the air conditioner instead. I bought the kids a movie on the pay-per-view channel. I called the front desk to ask about the pool. The woman at the front desk told me that the pool was closed because the heater wasn’t working. I honestly didn’t think a heater was necessary, given the fact that it was about 85 or 90 during the day. I asked the woman if they could open the pool for a couple of hours, but she did not think that was a very good idea.

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