The worst heat wave in a decade caused my A/C system to fail!

There are times where I just cannot believe my luck.

It’s ridiculous! Sometimes, I can’t help feeling like the entire world is out to get me somehow.

Other times, though, I know it’s something that was out of everyone’s control, especially my own. Not even a month ago, my area had the worst heat wave on record in the past ten years. It wasn’t just by a degree or two, either – it was over 115 degrees outside! In a hot and humid place like my area, that’s like stepping into a giant oven. I swear, I could’ve cooked eggs on the hood of my car! It was that hot out. So as I was sitting at home, trying to stay cool in the midst of this ridiculous heat wave, I heard my outdoor A/C unit shut off. I thought that was strange, as it usually won’t cycle off until the temperature inside is matching the setting on the thermostat. When I checked the thermostat, it was about seventy-nine degrees inside. I went outside to check out the A/C unit, and I could see steam coming out of the unit. That meant there was ice formed on the coils, which happens often when the A/C unit is working too hard. I was outside for not even ten minutes, and when I went back into my home, it was already eighty-four degrees inside the house! At this rate, I was going to be in danger before mid-day. I had no choice but to call an HVAC repair company, and request emergency repairs for my air conditioning unit. They were able to dispatch someone out to my home, address the issue with my A/C unit, and be on their way within two hours. I didn’t like having to fork out so much money for the repairs, but it certainly beat melting into a puddle from the intense heat!