The worst locale I had ever eaten at

My bestie plus I love to try new food.

Every weekend every one of us have a food night plus every one of us try to try a new locale in village that every one of us haven’t been to yet.

For this weekend our bestie proposed every one of us try out a eating establishment that every one of us had never been to. I agreed plus even though this new locale was a little bit out of the way, I was eager to supply them a try. I am, after all, a massive fan of beef. When every one of us arrived I was surprised by how empty the locale was for a Tuesday night. There were only a few groups of people scattered about here plus there. Both of us spent some time looking over the menu before placing our order. The food arrived tepid plus fast. Although I took one look at it plus the memory of the cafeteria school lunches that looked more like rodent poison than food returned. It was a memory I hadn’t had in multiple years plus it momentarily took me straight back to our childhood plus reminded me why I had regularly packed our lunch as a kid. Then I observed our steak wiggled. Then like from an alien movie a big cockroach burst out of the steak followed by an army of several smaller roaches. I screamed plus shoved the plates off of the table plus I saw the rats join the roaches as they raced from all corners of the eating establishment to eat the fallen food. Both of us right away left. The only fantastic thing about that locale was their heating plus cooling system. While every one of us were waiting our bestie pointed out a commercial Heating plus A/C machine plus commented on how good the indoor air pollen levels was. The air was satisfyingly cool plus even our own cooling system wasn’t as good. I still have no plans of returning.



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