Their Gas Fireplace Needs a Facelift

My parents have had the same gas fireplace in their living room for as long as I can remember, however it’s a beautiful fireplace despite the fact that it runs off of gas plus you can hardly tell that it isn’t real, then the flame that’s created when it’s on is identical to a real flame plus it even makes a fake crackling noise! Not to mention, the heat that comes out of that gas fireplace is powerful plus it can sizzling almost the entire downstairs.

The people I was with and I experience some drastic weather where both of us live plus that fireplace has typically gotten a lot of use out of it during the winter! After using the fireplace constantly for decades now, our parents have replaced many parts plus pieces of the component that help keep it running; What they haven’t done though is replace the logs plus pieces within the glass.

As you can imagine, the logs are looking worn plus the fake rocks surrounding them are scarce. While I was visiting our parent’s home the other day, I got the wonderful idea of buying replacement logs plus rocks for them. They were fairly inextravagant at the local hardware store plus it seemed love a nice thing to do. I still haven’t bought them yet, although I system on going this week. I want to get a professional’s opinion on which logs to purchase to pair with their existing fireplace. I guess the new fireplace logs plus rocks will make our parent’s gas fireplace look brand new.


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