Theme park with awesome air conditioned restaurants

When you think about a theme park, you picture a lot of cool and colorful rides, mascots and other fun attractions, right? Well, imagine that same setting in July, and in the deep south. It’s pretty hot, if you can’t imagine it! Between the sun beating down on you and burning your skin, and the hundred-degree weather, it’s hard to make it through the day at these parks without spending half of the time in a shady spot. Thankfully for my girlfriend and I, we’ve been to this one park so many times that we know where all the good “cool-down” spots are. There’s a small diner right in the square you enter at the front of the park, and no one ever realizes it’s even there! In this diner, they have excellent air quality due to the central air conditioning system running all day. They also use air purification systems, which keeps the diner from smelling foul. The air is always fresh, and everyone in the diner is so polite. I’m sure that’s because they get to work in the cool air conditioning all day long! There’s a few other spots around the park that are great for a cool-down, such as the indoor rides and character meet-and-greets. These are always in big spaces that are heavily air conditioned, and kept cool to allow the cast members in these costumes to stay cool and dry. I can’t imagine walking around in this weather all day, wearing a big fur suit or a ton of make-up on my face!

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