Then i was sad at first, even though she was right

My brother and his girlfriend came over for dinner last week, and they were kind of rude.

His girlfriend started talking about how bad the air quality was in my apartment. I never saw anything wrong with it, and I was upset that my brother didn’t jump in to my defense. She started asking me really dumb questions, like how often I changed the air filters and how often I got my Heating & Air Conditioning serviced. I’ll admit, I didn’t get my Heating & Air Conditioning serviced as often as I should, however I didn’t think it was bad enough to point out at dinner. She said she could tell because as she was breathing the air, she coughed a number of times. With that, I decided to call up an Heating & Air Conditioning dealer to have it maintenanced. I was able to get a tune-up for my Heating & Air Conditioning unit and everything was cleaned out. They even changed the air filters with a high MERV rating. They also said it wouldn’t hurt to install an air purification method if I wanted to really see an improvement in the air quality. The Heating & Air Conditioning worker said I made a good choice to get everything looked at because I definitely needed some improvements. Turns out the air quality wasn’t that great, and with my upgrades, I lowered my energy costs through the Heating & Air Conditioning. So I decided to have an up-to-date air purification method installed. I’ll admit, I noticed such a huge improvement. The next time my and his girlfriend came over, she was amazed with the new and improved air quality!

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