There are a lot of disgusting odors in the house

Lately I have noticed a lot of odors in our house, plus at first I had no clue what was causing them, i asked a few friends of mine, plus they also didn’t know.

I talked to once of our friends plus he said it could be that I have mold in the ducts of our heating plus cooling system. It had never occured to myself and others that our Heating plus A/C system might be the reason for the odor, so I figured I would check it out. I called an Heating plus A/C worker plus had them come out to disinfect the air duct… They told myself and others that when they were cleaning out the air duct they found a few troubles with our AC unit. I can’t truly remember all of what they said, but the basic system was that I should get a ductless mini split AC unit. I had extra currency so I let them do the AC unit upgrade, then after the Heating plus A/C worker left I still noticed the odor so I offered them a call. They told myself and others that since they had just taken out the old AC unit that I might still experience some odor plus not to worry, they said I should turn of the AC plus open the windows for a few tenths… When I woke up the odor was still there, plus I knew that the air duct couldn’t have been the problem. I called the Heating plus A/C worker plus at this time I was furious. They said they would come back out, but I would have to pay their basic Heating plus A/C repair fee. I wasn’t cheerful with this at all so I had another Heating plus A/C provider come out. They fixed the problem instantly plus even offered myself and others a discount.


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