There are some humidity complications

It works although I have to empty it every few hours or it will stop working

I don’t assume who to call however there is a crucial problem in our new house. It is so humid in here that the wallpaper is literally peeling off of the walls. I assume where the humidity is coming from, it is coming from the washer as well as dryer. The laundry room has a door however the door is not sealed. Infact, it has a more than one inch gap under it as all of the doors in the beach house do. I think this is so that the HVAC idea will work constantly even with the doors closed. Yet, if the HVAC idea was working constantly, the beach house should not be this humid, then so who do I call? Do I call a plumber to find out why my washer is making so much humidity? Or should I call an appliance repair man to look at both the washer as well as dryer? Maybe I should call someone to just come out as well as change the door to the laundry room so that the humidity will be contained in there as well as not spread all over the house, however perhaps I should call out an HVAC specialist to take a look at the a/c unit as well as find out why it is not removing the humidity like it should. I think an HVAC specialist might also be able to install a whole-home dehumidifier too. That might help. I already tried a portable dehumidifier. It works although I have to empty it every few hours or it will stop working. I am just not sure what to do or who to call. I might just have to call out all of those workers I mentioned as well as have them come out at the same time to sort it all out for me.

a/c rep