There is a Reason Baking is Done During the Winter

The holidays would soon be coming and I knew that I would soon have the fun of baking cookies, although I didn’t guess I would be stirring in those chocolate chips as soon as I was. It was just past Halloween, however there was a chill in the house that made it guess enjoy it was the middle of February. The wind seemed to be blowing through the house and however I had an overheated sweater on, I still felt chelled. I didn’t want to turn up the thermostat because of the cost of fuel for my oil furnace. I make a pact every year not to use the heater for another month, at least. I stood in the dining room, looking out the window and I saw the flurries flying in the wind. I knew that I was going to need to suck it up and turn on the oil furnace. My area heating system was no longer warm enough. I made a fist and swore that I was going to hold out and the oil furnace would not go on until after the start of the holiday season. I looked at the thermostat thinking how easy it would be to turn the switch from off to the heater. I could set the thermostat to seventy and enjoy a quick burst of heat in the house. I could be overheated just for today, and it would help the portable heater work less hard. I started going through my cupboards and I realized I had all of the ingredients I needed to bake a batch of cookies. I turned on the oven and used it as a replacement for the heater.

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