There’s a cold spot in the bedroom in my house

I usually like sleeping in a really cold room and so I try to keep the A/C turned way down at night.

I have always been that way, even back when I was a little kid.

My mom tells stories about the way I used to beg her to turn the thermostat down before I would get tucked in for the night. I’m still the same way now, but these days I’m in charge of my own thermostat settings. I have some pretty high cooling bills during the summertime, though. I try to save money on my air conditioning bills however I can, though. One of the ways that I try to save money is by making sure that I regularly get my HVAC system serviced and maintained by a reputable heating and cooling company. A couple of weeks ago, just before my A/C maintenance appointment, I started noticing something weird in my bedroom. I wasn’t exactly complaining about it, since it was a majorly cold spot right in my bedroom. Since I love sleeping in the cold, I wasn’t too upset about the freezing old spot in the bedroom but I knew that it meant an issue with my HVAC system. I figured that there was some kind of a problem with the ductwork sealing somewhere near the bedroom. I was pretty glad that I already had an A/C maintenance appointment lined up. I’m planning to get the HVAC technician’s opinion on the cold spot and just go from there. Hopefully he can fix it the same day.



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