There’s nothing like running the heat after an ice bath

For the hundredth time, I injured my shoulder playing volleyball.

I am always trying to serve skyballs, as they are consistently a crowd pleaser.

A skyball is a volleyball serve in which I hit the ball with my fist, from the bottom of the ball upwards, & send it way up in the air. The ball goes so high that it typically is difficult for the opposing team to hit it back over the net. I’m about 75% with them & I like doing them because the crowd goes wild. No matter the sport, spectators love to track balls in sports, seeing them fly through the air. But my shoulder has paid the price after 20 years of playing the game. I find myself taking a lot of ice baths, which means I need a powerful hot water heater. After my most recent shoulder injury, I am doing therapy once again, this time being a partial dislocation. I have my Heating, Ventilation, & A/C plan running right now with the heat on in my bathroom because I am taking an ice bath. After the ice bath, I am so freezing that I need to enter into a sizzling room heated up nicely. I stay in the ice bath for 30 minutes & then I go to my bedroom to warm up. Between running the heat on high and breaking out a space heater, I am able to warm up after a few minutes. I think I need about two weeks to heal this injury before I can start exercising again & then maybe another two weeks before I can start playing light volleyball again. I think on my time off playing I am going to get my HVAC duct cleaned & repaired because I have noticed less airflow coming from the vents.


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