There’s quite a few steps involved with becoming a personal trainer

My husband, Brian is trying to work as a personal trainer in a larger gym.

  • I was surprised that becoming a personal trainer was so challenging.

I figured he’d just need to be in shape and know some exercises. I did not realize there were certifications involved. To become a certified fitness expert and get hired at a quality fitness center, Brian needed to jump through quite a few hoops. The first thing was to graduate school and pass CPR and AED certification courses. Most fitness centers require this in a trainer because of working with older patients and the chance of injury. Having that extra certification is a bonus. The trainer is also required to choose a specialty to concentrate on. There is so much involved in personal training, and Brain wants to be able to teach group physical training classes as well as private fitness training. He also focuses on nutritional counseling and total body wellness. Above and beyond, a college degree gives Brian an edge over a lot of his competition. He studied exercise science, sports medicine and nutrition, which all pertain to personal fitness. Brain has taken all of his fitness training certification exams. He passed those exams easily and then started to build a portfolio. Brian started by working at smaller gyms and building experience and results. Now that he has built a following, he hopes to get hired by a larger gym. That is where Brian is at now. He has his hopes set on a larger fitness center, where he’d make more money and work more hours. He needs a little more experience. He needs to work for a few years training a wide range of ages and levels of fitness goals. Then, he will certainly get hired at a big gymas a personal trainer full time.
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