There’s so much mildew!

My husband is one of those people who doesn’t usually complain about very much. But he does have certain things that he can’t stand and he will complain about those things every time. For instance, he hates it when the kids leave their toys out in the driveway. It drives him crazy because he can’t get his car in the garage after work. The other thing that he hates is the smell of mildew. He says that he’s allergic to mildew and it makes him feel sick whenever he smells it. But the problem is that he smells it everywhere! I think he’s super sensitive to it, because not only will he smell it in wet towels in the bathroom, but he is now starting to smell it in our heating and cooling system. I think he’s a little bit crazy, because I don’t smell anything whenever the furnace or the air conditioning system kicks on in our house. But he is convinced that our HVAC system, our air vents and ductwork specifically, have been invaded by foul smelling mildew. I just roll my eyes and go about my day, but he’s obsessed with the idea that mildew is infiltrating our indoor air quality. I told him that if he’s that concerned about it, he should just call our local HVAC company to have them come out and do vent cleaning and ductwork cleaning. He said that he’s going to and on top of that, he might have them install a whole home air purification system, too. I hope it helps!

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