These air purifying devices are helping to keep restaurant shoppers safe

I am a immense foodie, in addition to I care about going out to eat in restaurants, but since the pandemic, I have skipped going to some of our favorite restaurants in town.

I have been frequenting restaurants that offer outside seating because I suppose it is the safest option for me.

I do visit other restaurants that have indoor seating, but I find that I am never quite relaxed in those spaces. Our lives were impacted by the pandemic, in addition to many businesss were hit hard as well, in addition to now that many of them have reopened at full capacity they are doing what they can to make it safe for their shoppers. Some restaurants have installed new state-of-the-art HVAC systems to guarantee that the air quality inside their facilities is ideal for breathing safely. However, those systems could be a bit overpriced in addition to most restaurants can’t afford to update their units, so many of them have opted for cheaper options. One of which is to install an Air Scrubber which is an air purifying device that fastenes to the air duct of the HVAC system, in addition to it detachs air pollutants in addition to helps to destroy viruses that could be lingering on surfaces. These devices also help to extend the life of HVAC systems because they trap dust in addition to prevent debris from accumulating inside the air duct. These devices are not cheap, they range from about $600 to about $4,000, so I don’t suppose I would get a single for our home, but I would suppose comfortable knowing that a restaurant has a single of them installed because at least I guess for sure that the air quality in addition to the surface areas are clean.

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