These were brand new and highly efficient UV air purifiers

When Henry and Leo walked into the store, they saw they had a new display.

It was quite an interesting display.

They hadn’t seen anything like it before. It had a few air purification systems in front, brand new and highly efficient air purification systems. They had one in a deep orange color that they admired, and they loved to watch it move. As much as Henry and Leo liked the air cleaner, they knew they couldn’t buy it since they didn’t have enough money. The most they could buy is maybe a portable air purification system, but even that is fancy. Then there’s the more fancy systems like whole condo media air cleaners, which are amazing. But for now, they weren’t going to buy any Heating, Ventilation and A/C equipment. Henry and Leo just have to hope their indoor air quality is nice enough, especially with their high quality HEPA air filters. But one thing they were here to buy was a new PC. They needed a nice PC, maybe even a gaming PC. Their last one is old plus slow, and they knew that they just deserve something new and better. So now Henry and Leo were looking around in this store for their new PC. Some of the new models are so tiny, it is hard to believe. They didn’t want anything super small, but nothing big either. They found the model they wanted and when they get their next paycheck they are going to buy it.



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