They are running an HVAC special this week

They are going to be running a special at the HVAC company that we use later on this week.

I can’t wait.

We have been using the same company for years now. We prefer the people who work there. They are excellent, and are always on time, whenever we have an appointment with them. We have never had any trouble with them, as far as the type of service that they come to do for us. They take good care of our furnace and air conditioning, but they never have run a heating service or air conditioning tune up special, even though we have been using them for years. They have never had a single sale or promotion that I suppose of. I thought that it was different, because all of the other HVAC companies locally offer promotions throughout the year. I want to save just as much as the next person, but I am loyal to them. So, I’m happy now. I was the first to call and sign up to get an appointment for having it done! I entirely hope that they get a good response from their customers. I would prefer to see more heating and cooling specials from then in the future.


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