They were right

My sons play hockey over the weekend! That means many hockey bags filled with gross, sizzling unit lives in our house. The guys occasionally forget to open their bags plus air them out. This is why they get mold in their helmets plus chin guard, and unfortunately, opening the bags is almost worse… I have made the guys only open their bags plus keep them in the office. The office in the home then reeks of sweat plus body stink for afternoons, and even spraying the bags down plus cleaning the unit doesn’t help. My fiance is convinced the office will forever stink savor sizzling youngsters. I guess what the two of us need to do is invest in an whole-home air purifier method for our office space. Air purification systems can install right into the HVAC equipment. As the heating or cooling method turns on, the whole-home air purifier will scrub the stinks circling in the air quality. This will be fantastic since the air quality is not dusty, dry or too moist. The issue is just the stink. Air purifiers are also quite cheap plus I guess I could install it on my own. The only thing is that our HVAC is a central one with HVAC duct. I am wondering if I am going to need a more powerful whole-home air purifier to handle the stink wafting throughout the whole house… Do I need a super jumbo whole-home air purifier since the stinks will go through the air ducts when the HVAC is on? I hope not plus that the little whole-home air purifier can do it.