They will help us in a week or two

Last week, the thermostat in the hallway stopped working! At first, I thought the batteries were dead. When I installed a new set of AAA batteries, nothing worked. The digital number still didn’t appear on the screen, letting me know that something was wrong beyond my simple control. Through some easy research online, I found a few helpful tips about fixing these temp gauge issues, but still nothing worked. I figured that I needed a brand new thermostat, so I went to the local hardware store that is known to carry a few different brands. They had a few different digital brands, and they also had a few programmable thermostats, too. I decided to go with a programmable thermostat again, however I did not understand how to connect the unit to our internet. The sales clerk at the hardware store assured me that the job was no big deal. After spending an hour trying to install the programmable thermostat, I finally gave up trying and went to bed. The next morning, I decided to call the HVAC dealer around the corner. I told them about our new programmable thermostat, and I heard them chuckle under their breath. They were eager to send an Heating, Ventilation, and A/C professional to our apartment to help install the new programmable thermostat. I waited a few hours for the professional to arrive, while still trying to install the thermostat on my own. When the technician arrived, he immediately got to job on the thermostat installation. He finished the task in less than 30 minutes.. Thankfully, they only charged me a small fee for the installation service. I still do not suppose what I was doing wrong.