Thinking about what my life would have been like if I went to college

Sometimes, I take a real hard look at my life and I wonder if I could have done things better. There are a lot of times when I wished I would have went to college to pursue a nice career. I actually have a buddy of mine who decided to attend a trade school and he got his HVAC certification. He makes really good money, has a nice home and nice cars. He even has an indoor swimming pool and jacuzzi in his home, and I have to admit I am pretty jealous about that. Here I am with an average job but I basically live paycheck to paycheck. I feel as though I could have done so much better in life. My buddy jokes with me sometimes and says it’s not too late to go to school to get an HVAC certification, but I have to be honest, that type of work is not for me. Things like working on machinery are so above my head, and you know what they say, can’t teach an old dog new tricks. For the most part, I have accepted my fate and I can only do the best I can do with what I have. I wouldn’t necessarily say I’m in the struggle as things could be worse. I do sometimes dream about living a better life though. It would be nice to go on a proper vacation every single year to the tropical island resorts and things like that. When I go on vacation, I usually just spend that time at home and don’t do anything except watch TV shows and movies.


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