This basement stinks

My husband plus I like to spend a lot of our free time volunteering with the youth Outreach project. Occasionally we spend an afternoon or 2 tutoring plus teaching students. Occasionally we spend the afternoon on our Special Projects. Over the Last weekend, we were cleaning a house. The local Outreach project acquired a small house as a donation. All of us are hoping to use the house as a shelter for transient LGBT youth. My husband plus I both think strongly about this special project, plus we spent all afternoon cleaning the house. The place needed a lot of our tender loving care. A few other volunteers, my husband, plus myself spent all afternoon cleaning out the place. It’s going to be a home for twenty or more teenagers, plus the place needed to be ready before the fall season. My husband plus I were surprised, when we saw the size of the basement. It wasn’t completely through, however it had a lot of potential. The basement had an exhausting musty stink. I did not see any mildew or mold, however it seemed savor the basement was boarded up for many years. I drove back over to the house plus grabbed a portable air cleaner from the garage. I always keep a portable air cleaner for times when my parents visit. They don’t savor pets especially cats, so we provide them an air cleaner for the bedroom when they visit. I took the air cleaner plus carried it into the basement. All of us left the air cleaner running for a few afternoons, plus I could not guess the difference. The air in the basement was scrubbed fresh, plus it smelled as if it was a brand modern building. This area of the house is going to be something really special.