This Christmas celebration was too toasty

In the end, I left the celebration way earlier than normal with some other girls

I anticipate the Christmas celebration that my best friends and I throw every year. We switch up whose home hosts the party each year, and last year it was at Ashley’s house. I actually could not believe how toasty it was inside of her home! As soon as I entered Ashley’s house, I felt like I was stepping into a sauna. Her furnace must have been running on high, because I never even heard it shut down once. There were games plus food plus the usual celebrating like every year, but I found it hard to participate because I was too hot. The heavy sweater I was wearing wasn’t doing me any favors either because I could not take it off. Not surprisingly, I wasn’t the only person who was too toasty either. A few girls had to strip down to their undershirts plus just about everyone was fanning themselves or splashing their faces with cold water. Some girls were talking about the hot temperature, but Ashley either didn’t notice or didn’t care because she didn’t ever turn her furnace off. I did look around Ashley’s home myself plus tried to find her thermostat to turn the temperature down. It must’ve been hidden in the dining room or something because I never did find it. In the end, I left the celebration way earlier than normal with some other girls. Once I got outside, I was thankful for the chilly, snowy conditions since they cooled me down nicely. I hope we don’t hold the Christmas celebration at Ashley’s again.



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