This Christmas celebration was way too hot

I look forward to the Christmas celebration that my best girlfriends attend every year.

  • We switch up the home that throws the party, from one year to the next! Last year the party was at Janet’s house, however I simply couldn’t know how incredibly sizzling it was inside of Janet’s home! The minute I entered her house, I felt like I was stepping into a furnace, however her furnace must’ve been cranked up high, because I never heard it power off.

There were games plus food plus celebrating, like each other year, although I found it taxing to participate because of how hot it was. The blazer I was wearing wasn’t helpful either, because I couldn’t take it off. I absolutely wasn’t the only lady who was easily sizzling hot either. A few girls had strip down to their undershirts plus everyone was fanning themselves or splashing water on their face. Even though we were clearly too hot, Janet either didn’t notice or didn’t care because she never turned the furnace off. I did look around her home myself plus tried to find the temperature control to turn the temperature down myself. It must’ve been in the bedroom or something because I never ended up finding it. I didn’t want to snoop too much either. I ended up leaving the Christmas party way earlier than normal along with some other girls. Once I got outside, I was gleeful to feel the freezing, snowy conditions because they cooled me down nicely. I hope our Christmas parties are celebrated at Janet’s again.
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