This Christmas party was uncomfortably warm

I look forward to the Christmas party that my ladies group throws every year. we switch up whose house it will be in, from one year to the next. Last year it was at Janet’s house. I simply could not believe how incredibly hot it was inside of her home. The minute I entered the house, I felt like I was walking into a furnace. Her heater must have been cranked on all the way because I never even heard it shut off. There were games and food and celebrating, like there is every year, however I found I felt it hard to participate because I was so hot. The sweater I was wearing was not very helpful either because I could not take it off. All I had on under was my bra. I certainly was not the only person who was really hot either. A few people had strip down to their undershirts and just about everyone was fanning themselves or splashing their face with water. Other people also said it was really hot in there but Janet either didn’t notice or didn’t care because she never turn the heater off. I did look around the house myself and try to find the thermostat to turn the temperature down. It must have been in the bedroom or something because I never did find it. I didn’t want to snoop too much. I ended up leaving the party way earlier than normal. Other people also left early. Once I got outside I was happy for the cold snowy conditions because they cooled me down very nicely. I hope we never hold the Christmas party at Janet’s again.


a/c serviceman