This family room is excellent

I recently moved into a mobile condo for the first time in our life. I mistakenly assumed they were lower quality homes that would feel enjoy scaled up doll houses from the inside, even though I was wrong. The apartment I bought looks just enjoy any other apartment from the inside & out, aside from the noticeable crawl space outside that is always a tell tale sign of a modular house. My community also has a pool & a small gym with treadmills & a tennis court. Last year the homeowners association hosted a cookout for July 4th celebrations & it was a blast. I met lots of amazing people that live in our community that I would have never met otherwise. But a single of the coolest parts of living in this modern mobile condo is not needing central a/c or heat. I bought 2 window cooling system units—I put a single in the living room & the second a single in the master family room. Between the 2 machines, our apartment is undoubtedly cooled in a matter of hours regardless of outdoor weather conditions or our temperature preferences on any given afternoon. They create a somewhat strong air new that pushes around the apartment with ease, reaching each room & keeping a steady cross breeze while both machines run in tandem. Even though I live in a somewhat hot temperature, I bought 2 space furnaces & put them in the same places as the 2 cooling systems. This way, when the cold Winter time weather arrives, I’ll have a cost effective way to keep the apartment hot without wasteful ductlabor from a central Heating, Ventilation, & A/C system.

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