This holiday celebration was too hot

I look forward to the holiday celebration that my ladies group does every year.

We always switch up whose home we gather in from year to year.

Last year, it was at Stacy’s house, and I simply could not believe how warm her house was. The minute I entered her home, I felt like I was walking straight into her furnace. Her furnace must have been cranked to the highest setting, because I never even heard it shut off the whole time. There was food, games, and celebrating like every year, but I found I felt it hard to enjoy myself because I was too hot. The thick sweater I was wearing was horrible because I could not take it off and cool down at all. I definitely was not the only person who was legitimately hot either. There were some other girls who had to strip down to their undershirts and they were fanning themselves or splashing their faces with water. People were discussing how hot it was, but Stacy either did not notice or did not care because she never made an effort to turn her furnace off. I did look around Stacy’s home myself and tried to find the temperature control to turn the temperature down. However, it must have been in a hidden room or hallway because I never did find it. I didn’t want to snoop too much. I ended up leaving the holiday celebration way earlier than normal. Other people left early too. Once I got outside into the fresh air, I was gleeful for the freezing, snowy conditions because it cooled me down undoubtedly nicely. I hope that we don’t hold the Christmas celebration at Stacy’s again.



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