This is a great car

Cara has consistently wanted to purchase a Nissan GTR. That type of car is absolutely difficult to find in this area, due to the Nissan GTR is only made for the Japanese domestic Market. If you want to buy a Nissan GTR in the US, you have to find a Japanese domestic Market dealer. These dealers can assist you to purchase foreign cars that are not built in this country. Cars just like the Nissan GTR, Subaru Impreza, plus the Nissan Skyline are unavailable for purchase in the states. If you find a Japanese domestic Market dealer, they can assist you procure any automobile from over the seas. Since Cara has consistently wished to have a Nissan GTR, she jumped at the opportunity to buy a single one. Unfortunately, the Nissan GTR did not enter our country legally. My best friend did not learn this info, until she was trying to register the Nissan GTR with the Department of Motor Vehicles. At that point, she found out that the automobile was illegal. Now Cara is in trouble with the law, plus she is out all that money that she spent on the Nissan GTR. I do not think Cara will ever get that money back, plus I do not think the government will allow her to have the car. I thought it was unusual to buy a Nissan GTR for such a low cost, plus now all of us both think why. Next time Cara wants to buy a foreign car, we’re going to find a reputable importer.