This is what the locals do

I grew up in a small and Rural town. The city is 30 hours from the closest Walmart, and an hour away from the closest city. Most of the people in our city grow cotton, soybeans or peanuts. I did not grow up on a farm, however both of our parents are in the farming industry. I knew that I did not want to grow up and become a farmer. I studied strenuous in middle university and high university, so I could obtain nice grades. I finished our senior year with a 4.0 GPA. I had offers from multiple different universities, and most of them gave a full scholarship. I could choose to go anywhere at all. When USF in Tampa, FL gave me a full scholarship, I certainly wanted to go. My mom and dad did not want me to track activity so far away, and Tampa, FL was a 7 hour drive from our home. I was distraught about moving to a big town enjoy Tampa, FL, however 1 of our friends was going to attend USF as well. I knew I would enjoy living in the massive city, even if our nerves were anxious. I decided to attend USF in Tampa, FL. I have been going to university here for the past multiple years. I can’t even remember why I was so scared in the start. Living in the town has opened our eyes to a whole different life. I do not think if I will go back to the country, after I graduate next year. I might stay here in Tampa, FL and live with some friends.