This person seems crazy

The other day, I decided to go for a walk after the blizzard we had. It was nice to have peace and calm after the storm. It was a really wild storm, let me tell you. The wind gusts were awful and snow was blowing all over the place causing whiteout conditions. Now that I was going for a walk, there was no wind at all. It was really freezing outside but it was really peaceful at the same time. I didn’t see anybody else outside, it was only me going for my walk. I figured people thought it was way too cold outside to be going for a walk or a jog. After about 10 minutes on my walk, I decided I was getting way too cold. I started thinking about my furnace back at home and about adjusting the thermostat to a high setting so I could feel the heat coming from the HVAC vents. So I started towards home, and I was kind of in a rush because I was so cold. This was around the time when it started to actually get windy, which seemed to come out of nowhere because there was no wind at all previously. By the time I got back to my house, my ears felt like they were frozen. I quickly ran to the thermostat and cranked it up so that the heating system would engage. I then rested next to the HVAC vent and I was able to warm up in no time. It’s really no wonder nobody else wanted to be out there going for a walk like me. I was the crazy person who nearly froze to death outside.

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