This was a good idea

Throughout my childhood years I had a deep love for looking through books. Most kids my age disliked the library but my parents was required to limit my time there! I started a huge book collection in the house too. I had 5 bookcases full by the time I was 15! Since being an adult my love for books has merely grown. Now I have 15 bookcases within my house and I work at the library too! It was a good job but our air conditioner was old and didn’t work actually. The lack of a good cooling system made our summer months very uncomfortable. A bad heating and cooling system did a number on the books too. It was very bad to keep rare catalogues in extreme temperatures but the good news is we didn’t have many. I would hate to discover any rare book destroyed by poor heating and cooling system quality. Speaking of quality, the air quality inside the library was pretty bad. I don’t even know the last time we switched out the air filter. I tried to begin a fundraiser to get us a fresh heating and cooling system or at least an air purification system. I haven’t had any luck though. So now I am stuck sweating through the hot summer and longing for home where my partner and I own a great air conditioner. My husband takes amazing care of our home and he made sure we had a top quality heating and cooling system. It sure helped us those long summer nights!

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