Thunderstorms are terrible

I am not a fan of thunderstorms, and not only because they make a ton of noise.

  • But because with thunderstorms comes lightning plus this can knock out your power, mangle things plus sometimes even kill people.

The last time we had a immense thunderstorm my central heating plus cooling system ended up getting hit by lightning! In addition to that the power went out so I had no central a/c plus it was warm out. Thankfully though when the lightning hit the central heating plus cooling system it did not mangle it because of where it hit. It just charred the side of it. Which after all was over plus things were back to normal I went outside plus washed off the side of the central heating plus cooling system best that I could. It helped remove the black charring a little bit to where it wasn’t too noticeable, but it was there forever or until I obtained a brand new plus up-to-date central heating plus cooling system unit, however as long as it still worked to provide myself and others with the central heating plus a/c that I needed in my cabin is all that absolutely mattered at the end of the day, so I was pretty thankful that I got so lucky for the lightning to strike the central heating plus cooling system in an section where it did not fry it or mangle it. That is the beauty of having a steel based central heating plus cooling unit. If I had a single of the more new central heat plus cooling systems, I may not have been so lucky!

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