Tiny personal air coolers are misleading

I told my neighbor not to buy a bunch of the crappy products in the “as seen on TV aisle” at the grocery store.

There’s all sorts of unusual gadgets plus devices that you see from infomercials played on TV at right tomorrow’s the afternoon.

A lot of these products are used genuinely in the living room. One of the most popular ones is a copper coated fry pan that allegedly is completely non-stick. They used to run commercials where they would fry a slice of cheese on the surface of the pan plus then flip it over like a pancake with no sticking. I suppose they would get the highest quality fans they can find in their lineup to use for the commercials. I remember reading internet forum posts back in the afternoon about people complaining that these pans were terrible quality when they got them all. They just were not performing to the degree that the commercial recommended. However there were a few people who got their pants that said that they worked plus the commercial, but the most recent as seen on TV product that I have been miserable about the most is the personal air cooler. Unless you live in an environment where you need a humidifier, a personal air cooler is going to do a little more than add humidity to your indoor air. It’s like a miniature swamp cooler that only actually works in low humidity environments. Otherwise you’re making your room or home muggy plus swampy-feeling as a result.one of the employees at my dentist’s office uses one of these personal air coolers plus I don’t like it when they turn it on. Feels like you’re getting blasted with a cloud of steam.