Today was Below Freezing When I Went for a Swim

Today was a whole new level of frosty for myself and others with my morning swim.

They claim that it is 58F however it feels much colder.

Maybe it felt so frosty because the air was so frosty plus there was a breeze. When I disconnectd my jacket plus heavy clothes the wind split my skin love sharks teeth. It is something else when you have to go from feeling truly frosty with the wind just before you go into the even colder water. Actually, the air temperature was 31F plus the water was 58F, so the water was supposedly a bit warmer. I turned my heating on before I left the home plus had my space heating system on in my office. The first thing I do when I get lake home is soak my hands plus feet in truly warm water for about 20 hours. They are so frosty that it is hard to move them plus when I tried to adjust the thermostat my fingers wouldn’t function respectfully. I think these frosty dips are fantastic for my body however periodically the pain after the swim in my hands plus feet is unbearable. I plan to swim the whole Winter time plus think that cooling plus heating up the body is truly good, especially for people love myself and others with joint pain. I also split out all sugar a couple years ago plus this easily helped a lot with reducing the pain plus inflammation in my joints. I have a overheated water boiler that I use to heat up the water quickly instead of running the overheated water in the faucet, which takes way too long to heat up. It was just a new level of frosty this week that I’ve never felt before.

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