Too big, too strong, too bulky

My best friends and I went scavenging in the crumbling old industrial district the other morning, however this is something the two of us do once or twice a week, or whenever the mood came to us.

The city used to be a giant in manufacturing, however the bottom fell out in the 80s and the site has been a ghost city more or less since then! Thousands of old buildings, warehouses, and factories just sitting there, empty shells, relics from a time long before I was around.

The site has mostly been picked clean over the years, but with so several buildings you never suppose what’s left. This is how the two of us got the awesome new water gas furnace for my residence, and it took a fair amount of wrangling! In the basement of an old home building was a gas furnace about as massive as a standard school bus! It was made of solid metal, and the two of us were sure it could still provide heating if someone had to skill to tune it up. We did not have that skill instilled in us, nor the means to transfer a gas furnace of such massive size, however we found it’s brother, a water gas furnace built on an industrial scale. It was many times the size of a normal water heater, and the two of us could easily fit it into the back of our panel van. The two of us managed to get it new home and wrestle it down into the basement, where we went on to fix up our wimpy old water heater. It is easily too powerful for us, the water gas furnace easily makes the water too warm to bathe in.
HVAC tech