Too hot or too chilly

I recently began renting a small office area in a sizable historic building downtown. There’s a lot to love about this beautifully rustic atmosphere, between the seasoned university elevators & the amazing view outside our window overlooking the river far below. Some of the furniture downstairs is decades seasoned as well. But after you quit focusing on the superficial features you begin to realize how needlessly run down this place has become. Being inundated with a musty mold stink wherever you go in the building is the least of your worries. Once in a blue moon the locks on the doors don’t absolutely engage at night when you’re leaving, which is a big security risk. The plumbing constantly backs up, the lights go on & off because the wiring is so old, & there is a sizable ant concern even if you never bring food into the building. Even with all of these troubles on a very consistent basis, I still stayed in our office & was foolishly resolute that someone would eventually handle all of these troubles. But oddly enough, the nail in the coffin for myself and others is the climate control inside. It doesn’t matter what the weather is like outdoors, the building ranges from severely boiling to harshly freezing on a day by day basis. I once walked into the building on a random June afternoon to find that someone had turned on the heat. My weather thermometer said the interior was 95 degrees that day. You could find the opposite happen in January, with the air conditioning system on & circulating in the whole building. And no matter what the temperatures are like, it’s always harshly humid inside.

Heating technician