Too many heaters to choose from

I am the type to believe that sometimes too much variety can be a bad thing.

I feel this way because of an experience that I had last week, after 30 years of having an amazing electric furnace, my heater had finally died on me.

Honestly with the amount of time that I had it I wasn’t too surprised, even with all the tune-ups and upgrades that I had given to it, I knew that I couldn’t last forever. It was bittersweet to see it go, in one way that meant that I would have to spend the extra money to get a new heater, however the replacement I can get is something much more modern and nicer. Because it was 30 years old my heater was outdated by a good bit and HVAC technology had advanced significantly since I first got this heater. My wife and I went down to a mobile heating and cooling store. The van of the mobile heating and cooling store was supposed to be used for repairs for people that couldn’t get HVAC service because there was not a business close to them. So the mobile heat and AC van came to them however they did sell a few HVAC products and when I went down there they had far more than I was expecting. There were many different kinds of heaters to choose from. I wasn’t really sure what I should go with. Even the ones they didn’t have physically there they had pamphlets representing those types of heaters, for example they had a pamphlet of a really nice looking fireplace that I was really considering getting. This is a decision I was going to need some time to think on.

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