Too much opening the door and letting the A/C out

The last gettogether at my home was awful.

It wasn’t really that we were unprepared to entertain a bunch of guests, but it annoyed me that people kept opening the front door to the household.

It was the midst of the summer season and with all these people coming in and out of the house, the A/C kept getting out. Because the A/C was constantly going out the front door, it was causing my air conditioning system to struggle really bad. I ended up yelling at people to either stay inside or stay outside because I didn’t want to have an expensive A/C repair bill. Some people were actually upset and offended that I would have the audacity to yell at them, but I was trying to protect my own HVAC system at that point. It turned out to be a ruined day and I was no longer having fun at the get together. I ended up cutting the party short and the people that had to leave were pretty upset about that. Who was paying for the energy bill though and who would have to pay to have the A/C system repaired. None of those people had to worry because they were not the ones hosting the party. After going through that type of experience, I honestly don’t want to host another party like that again. Perhaps I might consider it in the fall season or the early spring when we don’t have to rely so much on the HVAC system. I think we might actually have an enjoyable time then.

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