Took a bit to lean into HVAC technology

The very first Summer, we saved on the order of 20 percent on our air conditioning costs

Thinking about it now, there are plenty of reasons that I was so resistant to adding a smart thermostat to our home. And none of those reasons are in any way reasonable. Still, I have to be honest about what happened with me because nobody needs to be resistant to leaning into the new HVAC technology like a smart thermostat. I blew it by not being willing to accept more technology into the house. For sure, I feel like we are already to inundated with technology. Something that was proclaimed to make life much easier a couple of decades ago, hasn’t worked out that way for me necessarily. I have found that all the technology and instant access to information and each other has made my life far more difficult. These days, inside the commercial HVAC of the office, I’m never finishing my work. No, my days are more of a constant reprioritizing of tasks or addressing immediate challenges. For all that technology has added to our lives, it has come at a price. But, there is balance in everything. To be completely honest, I have also been reluctant to give up control of being the chief officer of heating and cooling in my house. Well, that’s just ego and I’m really glad I gave up on that. The smart thermostat is awesome and it’s here to stay. Once the HVAC technician installed it, we just let the smart thermostat learn our patterns and adjust the quality heating and air accordingly. The very first Summer, we saved on the order of 20 percent on our air conditioning costs. And I’m gunning for even more savings this Summer. Yea, the smart thermostat is a welcome addition to our home.


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