Traffic is okay

You know, I’ve made a lot of big adjustments in the past year or so, and I’m pretty proud of myself for being so adaptable.

It hasn’t been easy by any means, but I feel as though I’ve made great strides in my personal evolution as times have drastically changed. First of all, I moved to a whole new city. Secondly, I started a brand new job in an unfamiliar industry. Lastly, I have recently conquered my greatest tormentor of all – traffic. You see, in this city there is no way to avoid the continual stop and go motion of a few million humans trying to utilize the same roadways at defined periods of the day. It has been one of my greatest fears and enemies… until I recently realized how superior it was to the alternative. Sure, it’s super annoying to be stuck in a car, but it would be far worse to have to walk home in the overwhelming heat and humidity! When I’m stuck in traffic and see all the poor folks sweating in the pounding sun and unending humidity, I suddenly don’t feel so bad for myself. I’ve realized that as long as I can chill out, I can literally cool myself down as much as needed. My car is nothing special, but it does have working AC in place. This means I’m capable to make the indoor air temperature just about as cool and dry as you could imagine. Maybe I’m stuck in traffic, watching my life slip away, but at least I’m basking in high quality treated air while I’m cursing Google Maps.