Truck give me more adventure

I am a really adventurous person who loves to see places.

  • I had always wanted to visit all fifty states and several different countries, so after graduation, I joined the Army.

They promised me adventure, good pay, a feeling of pride and paid college or a career. I had a lot of adventure but none I want to tell anyone about. I learned how to drive a truck which they used as an item on my resume when I got out of the Army over six years later. Don’t get me wrong because I have been driving for ten years, not to mention my time in the Army. I was enjoying the freedom to travel while getting paid and I was getting away from a wife that hated me. During the divorce, she took the home we bought together. I had a brand new heating and air conditioning in that house, along with a new Smart Thermostat. I hadn’t had the chance to enjoy that HVAC or the pool that went with it, because I walked out when she complained about my going to school and wanting me to quit driving. NOw, I am full-time driving on long over-the-road trips. I am sometimes out on the road several weeks at a time. I get air conditioning when I go to the truck stops for food or service. I used to have air conditioning in the truck, but that was short-lived. I couldn’t wait to change companies and buy my own truck, but that is a couple more years down the road. In the meantime, I am learning how to make HVAC repairs to the truck I am driving.


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