Trying out the HVAC field

I consider myself to be an artist.

I enjoy painting, sketching and taking pictures.

I am also a fan of writing in my spare time. I always wrote stories, poetry and short stories when I was a kid. I always figured I would be an author or at least a blogger for a magazine as an adult. I found online a scholarship to the local community school and this involved writing an essay. I knew I would get into the school based on my superior writing. I wrote the essay as a challenge to myself. I wanted it to be lengthy and fun. I did the job well done because I ended up winning a full 2 year scholarship to the school. I didn’t know if I still just wanted to write for a living. Maybe I would ruin our passion or the field was too competitive. So on a whim I decided to sign up for Heating, Ventilation, plus air conditioner classes. I had done some research plus found that Heating, Ventilation, plus air conditioner suppliers can finish school in around 2 years. Since they are actually much in demand now, I thought about it. Even a first time Heating, Ventilation, plus air conditioner professional can start off making really good currency. I just wanted to make enough money to work on the side as a writer and not worry if I make it. If I ever got big, I would bail on our HVAC supplier job, but for now, I do like it.



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