Trying to enjoy the warm weather while it lasts

We have about one more month of decently moderate weather and then the temps are going to be heading south.

It is almost the middle of November now and it has been warmer than normal, that is up until now.

I can see by the forecast that in 2 weeks our high for the day is going to be about 60F and the low will be around 48F. So I am trying to enjoy the weather plus get out in the sand while I can before it gets too chilly. I am meeting the heating supplier at the shop later with our smart control device to have him show me once and for all how to program the darn thing! I’ve had it for a few years plus still have no idea how to control the temp with it. Occasionally when I am sleeping at night in December I will wake up to the cooling system on full blast and the house is about 55F inside! Then I have to spend even more money trying to warm the place up with my little space heater. This is all because the smart control device isn’t doing what it is supposed to do. I think they over engineered them when they made them plus many people can’t even operate them. I was an engineer for many years and I even have no clue how to program the thing properly. Imagine someone who is not good at mechanical or electrical devices. I think I could go online and find a control device tech’s video showing me how to program the thing.


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