Trying to flirt with the hot guy during personal training

I do a group physical training class three times a week.

I go monday, wednesday and friday simply because the hot guy in class goes those days.

One of these days I am going to talk to him. It is hard flirting with a guy in a fitness class. For starters how does a girl look good working out? I don’t want to show up for my class in a cute outfit with hair down. I would not be able to do anything the personal trainer gives me. But, I don’t want to flirt with the hot guy when my face is red and sweaty. Frequently after class I have sweat around my crotch and butt. It kind of looks like I peed myself if I wear lighter colored pants. I also reek after the hour. I have to pounce on him before or during class. The other hurtle I have get across is getting near him during those times. At the start of class we all stated what our goals are. Hot guy wants to work on cardio, specifically his run and perfecting his stride. I said I wanted to tone my arms. So most of the class we are in separate areas working on opposite things. For whole group instruction he likes the opposite end of the room. I need to slowly make my way over there and weasel my way into the cardio instruction. I have thought about changing my goals simply to get close to him. I don’t think my personal trainer would like that. I could say my goal is to date the hot guy.

Local gym