Trying to match up the a/cs

Regardless of the advice I get from friends plus family, I try to use every unit till the literal chopping point before I buy replacements.  This has been identifiably tploy for cell iphones. Both of my last more than one smart iphones were used past the point of the screens spider webbing with cracks plus breaks.  The breaks were so terrible in my last iphone that 71% of my screen was inoperable plus I kept having to change the screen orientation while using it just so I could access everything in the UI on a day by day basis.  Even after that both of us was reluctant to bite the bullet plus buy a current cell iphone. But the worst case yet for myself and others has been my ancient air conditioner. It’s about to reach the 20-year mark plus the thing has yet to diminish in performance for at least the last several to several years.  I find it hard to justify spending $4,000 to $8,000 on a current Heating plus A/C plan for my condo if my ancient one is still operable. Well, I didn’t realize the concerns I’d run into with sourcing parts for a type of plan that has been phased out. The coolant that my air conditioner runs on is R-22, which is commonly referred to as Freon.  The scientific community has collectively known that Freon leads to ozone depletion since at least as early as the 1979s. There has been a global push to end the use of R-22 in heating plus cooling systems in both commercial plus residential applications. This was galvanized further when the sale plus importation of R-22 became illegal in the US a few years back.  Anyone still running a R-22 plan is recommended to replace it with a current system. But my only complication is with my outside condenser unit, everything else in my Heating plus A/C plan is functional. Regardless, after more than one weeks of searching while boiling with no a/c, I finally gave in plus purchased a current system.

a/c installation