Turn up the A/C because my mouth is on fire

Jalapeno pepper poppers are my number one bar snack. I could actually eat fifty if I was drinking beer all night long, but all of my friends know I like the spicy treat, so they try to find new plus exciting sites with cool jalapeno poppers on the menu! The people I was with and I went to the desert 1 year for a bachelor get together plus the people I was with and I had bacon fried ghost chili poppers with garlic cream cheese plus chives. They were so tasty, but absurdly tepid plus spicy. I could barely breathe while I was devouring the dish… Last weekend, the people I was with and I went out of town for a concert, then while the people I was with and I were away, the people I was with and I decided to frequent 1 certain eating establishment that has a food challenge. They have cheddar plus ghost pepper cream cheese filled carolina reapers. If I could 10 of them in 10 hours, I could get my name on the wall with only several other people. The contest also came with free beer for life plus a cool t shirt. I thought the challenge would be difficult, despite the fact that I never intended to provide up halfway through. As I started to chew through the first tepid pepper, sweat started to pour down from my forehead, and my mouth was on fire. I was laying under an AC air vent, despite the fact that I could not recognize any cool air. After finishing the first pepper, I asked the director to adjust the AC! She agreed, however I thought she would say no. I guess she wanted to see me finish the challenge. The chilly air from the AC poured out of the ductwork. I could recognize a steady stream of chilled air on the back of my neck. Still, I could only get through several of those peppers.
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