Uncovering a giant hive of live bees in the wall

My wife and I joke about the condition of our home when we bought it.

It was a mess. We pulled up the floor tiles and found so many dead bugs underneath that it was vile. Behind the washing machine was a full blown rat skeleton. The worst was taking down the wall in the kitchen. The insulation was compromised with mouse feces. We were in a hurry to get the wall removed. Suddenly, a section of the wall came down and exposed a huge beehive. The hive was far bigger than a basketball. It was filled with active honey bees. They were unhappy to be disturbed. They flew out and swarmed our heads. They filled the entire kitchen. My wife and I fled the home and were basically trapped outside. The bees refused to settle down. We did not feel confident in removing that hive or battling those bees on our own. I finally called a bee removal service to assist us. The experience with the bees was an interesting one. The bee people were outfitted in professional gear. They had tons of equipment and knew exactly how to proceed. The guy told us that they prefer to relocate the bees whenever possible. Bees are essential for the pollination of crops and honey farms are anxious to get their hands on the bees. The bee relocation team was delighted by the giant hive. They were careful with the hive and valued the safety of the bees. They did a super job.

Bumble bee