Unsure what is up with the a/c

After a brief period of hesitation, while reviewing our options, I finally decided to take the plunge and move down south.  My health has been on the decline and my physician thinks the warmer weather will help me overall. No more subarctic rapidly decreasing temperatures for more than four weeks out of the year and no more ice and snow to shovel from our porch and driveway just to get to task every morning.  This also means saving a tremendous amount of money on keeping a lake house nice and warm with a gas oil furnace. My area at its worst gets down to 35 degrees a few evenings out of the year, but it is not typical. Therefore, when it does get cold, it’s manageable enough that all I need to keep moderate is a modest space heater.  However, I never realized ahead of time how much our energy needs would shift away from heating and straight into using an air conditioning system for nearly as often or more. It’s respected to have weeks with 80 degree nights in weeks like December and January where it’s the coldest time phase everywhere else in the country. After using our air conditioning system so much over the last few weeks, I’m noticing more and more complications while it runs.  First came the different noises from the air handler as the unit would begin a cycle. Then suddenly last week, the unit kept cycling without turning off and could no longer keep up with the temperature I set the control unit too. I finally broke down and busy an appointment with a licensed HVAC worker. In our sheer panic, I expected the worst. Thankfully, our plan just needed more coolant and a new air filter.