Up in the balloon

I’m not sure if you have ever gone up in a balloon before, it is not something that happens a lot these days.

But I recently did for the first time ever and it was legitimately great! The best thing about it was that the air quality was super nice being thoUSAnds of feet above the ground. It seems that air quality is much better above than on the ground. It was even better than having a whole condo air purification plan in your home. I am not kidding about this. I have never in my life experienced such great air quality in the world. I wish I could live up in the balloon if it was possible. That is how enjoyable of air quality it was. When I got back down to the ground from an afternoon of ballooning, I was legitimately disappointed to see how lousy the air quality was. It legitimately provided myself and others a wake up call that I live in a pretty terrible part when it comes to the air quality. I guess that is why I invested into the whole condo air purification plan for my home, then however, now that I think about how great ballooning is, I will do this more often on a nice day to take in some great air quality, some great breeze and see everything from way up high. It is a feeling that I can not describe in words. It is just something you have to experience for yourself and just enjoy it!

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