Updating the post office

I work as a builder for a substantial corporation.

The crew and I frequently bid on large projects plus get them.

Then the building corp goes in plus does all the labor on it. All of us do a lot of major job sites like building a new suburb, a college plus even revamping the town hall. Right now, our newest task site is fixing up the town’s post office. It has been in the town for hundreds of years plus it is slowly breaking down. The crew plus I need to put it back together again. It is one of the historic post offices in the town, right alongside our town hall.. It entirely is an eye catching building that the people I was with and I did not want to wreck it. So keeping the structure plus original frame was most crucial. Doing this was proving to be quite pricey plus there were all sorts of setbacks in the project; My corporation tried to back out. The town threw so much cash at us that the crew and I just had to take it. One of the hardest things was coming up with what to do for Heating plus A/C. The outdated post office had no HVAC ducts plus vents in the walls and ceiling! Putting that Heating plus A/C device in the post office would be too invasive, so our only choice was to set up a ductless multi system. This required several outdoor air compressors that hooked to a few indoor units. The wall mounted units were not ideal, however that is the cost of heating plus cooling. All of us also did not tear down the walls and ceiling doing this. The post office looks just like its older self, only with a facelift.

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